Stonecast Espresso Saucers 4.5"/11.8cm Barley White Qty:12

Product code: CCSCBES

A stylish and ultra-durable espresso saucer in Barley White. Being from the Churchill Stonecast range, this white espresso saucer is super vitrified giving it the increased heat retention that is ideal for service use and keeping espressos hotter for longer.

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Pack quantity: 12

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The subtlety and elegance of Churchill Stonecast Barley White is the ideal platform for food presentation offering a hint of rustic charm. Inspired by the changing landscape of spring and summer months the softness and charm of the product is brought to life through the clever presentation of fresh food and ingredients. Barley White allows you to bring a rustic element in to the mix without compromising on the food.

Influenced by the popular speckled designs from the 60’s and 70’s, Churchill's Stonecast range is a stunning hand sponged colour wash which is then hand finished with a fine speckle and rustic edge. The nature of the process means that every espresso saucer in barley white will be slightly different, adding to the overall charm of the range.

The softness of the colour and finish is key in making the range as versatile as possible. Stonecast complements all types of foods and beverages adding value and authenticity to the overall presentation. The range is suitable for a broad range of markets from rustic gastro pubs serving traditional food through to more premium restaurants looking for eye catching barley white espresso cups and saucers to truly showcase their hot drinks. Whatever your venue or style of food, Stonecast offers the perfect choice!


Dimensions and Volume Capacity
  Height Width Diameter Capacity
Metric n/a n/a 11.8 cm n/a
Imperial n/a n/a 4.5 inches n/a

Super Vitrified Body
Super Vitrified is a vitreous body that does not absorb moisture, is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties. Its high resistance to thermal shock helps to reduce breakages. Its properties mean that this white espresso saucer provides superior strength and also keeps coffees hotter for longer.

Superior Glaze Finish
Protected by ecoglaze, a high performance glaze that enhances product performance, prolonging the life of the hot drink saucer, improving stain and metal mark resistance and durability. Excellent stability prevents thermal shock and crazing.

Underglaze Decoration
The design is hand decorated under glaze, creating a protective layer to add lasting durability and improve performance during service use.

Fully Glazed Base
Prevents damage when stacking

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Carton Information: This product comes in a pack of 12
  Height Width Length Weight
Metric n/a n/a n/a 1 kg
Imperial n/a n/a n/a 2.2 lb

Swift Code: CCSCBES   /  Churchill Code: SWHSESS 1