Global Handwashing Day – 15th October 2018 #GlobalHandwashingDay

Today is Global Handwashing Day, designed to raise awareness and boost understanding of the importance of hand hygiene. Washing our hands is probably the most important thing we can do to protect the health & wellbeing of ourselves and others at this time of year when symptoms of colds and flu start to appear.

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October 2018 News Update

Welcome to our News page, here you will find the latest information on new products or special offers for your businesses catering and janitorial needs. With the festive season fast approaching we are excited to present our 2018 Christmas Catalogue, packed with beautiful table decorations; cloths, crackers, napkins and party accessories that will help your business celebrate in style. Along with the traditionally favoured colour palette you will find attractive crackers and party accessories in burgundy, black, blue and metallic shades.

At Swift Catering Supplies Ltd we like to offer our customers a little extra, so we are offering a special 10% discount on all orders placed from our Swiftmas 2018 catalogue before November, why not get ahead of the Christmas rush and download your copy today. Christmas stocks run out fast, so please order early to avoid disappointment.

‘The Swift Express is now delivering EVERY day to Falmouth (Mon to Fri)’

We’re happy to announce that Swift Catering will be delivering its supplies to Falmouth every single week day. This is in part due to the summer tourists that are bringing revenue and strain to businesses in equal measure! We’ve seen a huge increase in orders placed on the Swift Catering Supplies website in the last few weeks and we’ve decided it’s time to make the move to daily deliveries to Falmouth. Great news for all involved. We hope that we are able to help relieve some of the strain on our Falmouth customers’ needs.

Although we have stipulated that our inclusion of Falmouth in delivering our janitorial and catering supplies, will only run for the next eight weeks, this is not set in stone. If the amount of business demands it, we will continue daily deliveries here through winter.

Swift Catering Supplies deliver to Falmouth daily


Introducing Tom, the second new member of staff in as many months | June 2015

Tom / Sales Office Administrator
In May we employed Jackie as a new Sales Office Adminstrator, this month we realized that one extra new member staff simply wasn’t enough to cover the growth in business. So we went back through last months’ shortlist and hired Tom.

Tom is another new Swift Catering Sales Office Administrator. As luck would have it, like Jackie, he is also from the Midlands. Staffordshire to be precise. He moved to Cornwall when he was 10, so sadly he doesn’t have a Midlands or Cornish accent.

As one of our youngest members of staff, he is proving to pick things up very fast and he is very diligent. Both Jackie and Tom have fitted in very well into the sales office, we couldn’t be happier!


Swift Catering Supplies welcomes a new member to the sales office | May 2015

Jackie / Sales Office Administrator
All throughout last month we had been conducting interviews to help streamline the increased summer work load here at head office. After narrowing down the field and working through a shortlist, we finally decided on our new member of staff.

Jackie is our new Sales Office Administrator. She is a lovely lady who is originally from Worcestershire in the Midlands, and she has brought her accent with her! She has lived in Cornwall for 30 years now and tells us that she couldn’t move away because she would miss the Cornish lifestyle too much.

The cleaning and catering supply industry comes with a lot of information to take in for any new employee, we did somewhat throw Jackie into the deep end and fortunately she has proved she can swim!


British Assessment Bureau certify Swift Supplies with two accreditations | Mar 2015

Everybody here at Swift Catering Supplies has played their part in making it possible to become certified by the much respected British Assessment Bureau. It was a lot of hard work and that is putting it mildly, but it was well worth the effort. The accreditations we received were for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2004).

Swift Catering Supplies ISO 9001
Quality Managment 
 Swift Catering Supplies ISO 14001
Environmental Management

The benefits to having achieved both of these accreditations are numerous.  Many businesses progress in efficiency at a natural rate, however here at Swift we found ourselves forced to evolve and put systems in place that we had previously not even thought of.  Before the accreditations we were already a good company, now we’re confident in saying that we’re a great company.  Many of the new systems make the day to day running of Swift a lot more efficient.  This obviously has a huge positive knock on effect to our customer service – something that we regard as core to our ethos as a family run business.

We are also very proud to have become an even greener company than we were previously, and we were already pretty conscientious as a workforce in regards to the environment. Our Environmental Management accreditation has led us to spot the previously overseen waste that the majority of companies create in the day to day running of a business. The new systems we now have, stop the waste from happening in the first place. Not only does this save money, but it means Mother Nature is smiling at us!

The most important part of this whole accreditation news is that moving forward the company has changed for the better.  Each year the British Assessment Bureau will reassess us and keep us on our toes and ever improving.  The new systems we have in place are here to stay and Swift Catering Supplies will continue to be Cornwall’s premier supplier of catering and janitorial supplies.

Join Swift Catering Supplies on Social Networks
Mar 2015

The importance of social networking effectively in today's world of business can not be under-estimated, and Swift Catering Supplies has finally taken the plunge with the hiring of Rew our new Digital Marketing Manager. We have taken it upon ourselves to try and find all of our customers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you have a page, we will "Like" and/or "Follow" you as soon as we find it! Of course, if you find us first, we will return the "Like" straight away!

You can find us on the following networks:

Facebook logo
Swift Catering Supplies
Twitter logo
Google+ logo


Swift Catering Supplies adds three new staff to the roster | Feb 2015

We're delighted to announce the growth of the Swift Catering Supplies team to encompass no less than three new employees! We diligently interviewed numerous hopefuls over the past few weeks and we are positive that we have selected the right candidates. There is a general buzz around the office and depot here in Camborne as they have already slotted in seamlessly with the rest of our great team.


Ben / Delivery Driver & Warehouse
Delivering your janitorial and catering products is Ben from Penzance. You'll find Ben very friendly and eager to make sure everyone is happy, both customers and staff alike.

Jack / Delivery Driver & Warehouse
Originally from Birmingham, although he's lived in Cornwall for 6/7 years, is Jack. Yes he still has a faint midlands accent! We could almost call him Swift Jack, one of his main strengths is his eagerness to get things done well, on time. As with all of our staff, of course, he's friendly!

You're most likely to meet Jack if you're deliveries are being taken to the Penzance and St. Ives end of Cornwall, whilst you are most likely to meet Ben if you are situated towards the Falmouth and Newquay end of Cornwall. Our drivers do swap runs however so they are well equipped to cover each others holidays efficiently.

Rew / Digital Marketing Manager
This position is perhaps something we have thought about for a while, however the business is now at a point where it was vital to create and fill the role. Rew has done just that. He has lived in Cornwall for just over a year and is originally from London. The job entails a few things; firstly, creating and maintaining our company's image on social networks, creating and overseeing any design that is needed for both digital and print purposes, and finally to help make the website easier for our customers to use. If you engage with us on social networks it will be Rew that you are chatting with.


We now deliver daily to Truro | Jan 2015

Those cleaning and catering products won't delivery themselves! Although we have been delivering to Truro for many years, Swift Catering Supplies has grown to the stage whereby we now need to deliver here daily. This is great news for the business and more importantly pleasant news to all of our lovely customers in Truro.

Swift Catering Supplies deliver to Truro daily

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