*Clearance - 3 left* Stainless Steel Gastronorm Lid GN 1/4. Quarter Size.

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Ensure your food is always served to your customers at the perfect temperature, thanks to the premium stainless steel 1/4 gastronorm lid. Built to fit onto any 1/4 GN pan, this lid guarantees outstanding heat retention, helping to keep your ingredients hotter for longer. The design also keeps your ingredients covered to prevent them from losing their freshness, preserving the flavour, consistency and appearance of your dishes. Constructed from high quality stainless steel, this versatile lid is safe for cooking, reheating, storing, transporting and blast chilling, reducing the number of dishes, storage containers and cookware you use to lessen your cleaning load. The stainless steel material also makes the lid exceptionally hardwearing and sturdy, preventing it from breaking or damaging when exposed to the rigours of daily use in any fast-paced professional kitchen. Do your gastronorm pans need a lid? With significant heat retention qualities, stainless steel gastronorm pans are adept at retaining heat and freshness for food while serving. Stainless steel lids add to these properties, maintaining the correct taste and texture for longer, ensuring food is at its best before serving to customers. Can this stainless steel lid be used at different temperatures? The construction of stainless steel gastronorm pan lids allows them to withstand many different temperatures in professional kitchens. The pan lid can withstand cooking, reheating and blast chilling, reducing the need to spend money on multiple pans for different uses.

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